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whoosh [16 Sep 2006|05:07pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

I'm posting and for the record I'm back in Warner Robins...but no one cares so whatev.

AWA's next weekend. Yep.



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WHEEEEEE [16 Aug 2006|10:25pm]
[ mood | awake ]

well classes went pretty well today. I had my math class, my sociological perspectives class and my french 2 class.

I really like my Frenh class, most of the stuff I did last year so yay!

Math seems fun. we had some neat bellringer questions.
How do you show that half of eight is three?
How do you show that half of twelve is seven?

Neat, neat solutions too.

I have Hercules in my sociological perspectives and amber B is in there too, so woot!

The french talks super quiet and I can barely hear him! Plus he gave us homework....but I have till Monday to do it. So woot.

I went shopping for posters for my room today and i got an edward Scissorhands one and a Labyrinth poster so much happiness!

I'm switching room mates too. Katie decided she wanted to room with someone else who liked to party (as she told me) so I'll be moving to a different room with the other girls's room mate, Ari, who I get along with, so it's ok. I am a little hurt that she was so fast to change room mates since we've both been going to bed at the same time and haven't had any problems...but whatever.


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BUSY [14 Aug 2006|04:50pm]
[ mood | content ]

Many kinda dumb activities today....but meeting lots of clubs was cool. I joined the computer club, the GSA, the Young Democrats, and....I forgot ^^()
Anyways....last night was fun. Me and some of my hall mates went down to the community room and hooked up DDR and Guitar Hero and played till like 10. It was fun, and I;m meeting some awesome people.
Me and Katie are getting along great and I'll think we'll be fine rooming together.


I am like super homesick. You guys could call or e-mail or post you know!!

Anyways, I'm gonna go game and veg out till my next activity at 7:30.


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[13 Aug 2006|10:45am]
[ mood | lonely ]

Well I am moved into college. Huzzah. I am so lonely :( *emo face* Katie's not moving in offically until later today so bah, lonely, lonely Andy. Anyways....here's my bed. (I actually made it after I got up this morning!

And this is Katie's side.... The dorm's funny shaped so I couldn't get a picture of everything together....not that anyone cares that much what it looks like ^^()

~Teh Lonely Andy(i)(e)

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[10 Aug 2006|01:09pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Lookie what Andy bought!!

Teh sex!!


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... [09 Jan 2006|10:28pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Wow, Andy be posting. Sorry if I seem snappy or distant or whatever lately. I'm sinking into depression, and I'm fairly sure why, I just don't know how to get out of it. Another hole I've dug myself into. I'm having trouble sleeping and staying focused...blargh. Whatever, it's just my problem so nobody worry about my emoish post ^^()

On a brighter note, check out my xanga, there are icons ^_^


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Rar [16 Dec 2005|03:09pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Going to see Grandad and Grandkay in a few minutes. Yay.
Well, in case I get snowed in or fall off a mountain and vanish, I love you!!!

*hugs and kisses*

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[23 Oct 2005|09:25am]
Whoo!! I'm updating! Isn't this exciting?

Too bad I can't think of anything to say ^^()

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OMG [25 Jul 2005|09:35pm]
[ mood | worried ]

I can't believe there's only two more weeks until school. This summer has flown by, I'm really worried about the classes. My schedule right now is.
AP English
Humanties (2 hour class)
French III/IV
Statistics (which I am still trying to get out of, I am so bad at math)

AND, I have to take the SAT and probably the ACT too. I guess I'm just worried because I'm a senior now and this is my last year for sure with my friends. I'm worried about moving out, and worried about finding a college I can afford.

I'm worried about Lit Club and how it's going to do this year, I'm worried about Mrs. Jacobsen. I'm worried about my friends staying together. I'm worried about not knowing anyone in my classes.

I know I haven't updated in a while, but our condo in Florida didn't have internet, and work has been a killer, I'm just glad it's only a summer job and in two weeks it'll be gone too.

*hugs and kisses*

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[18 Apr 2005|05:25pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Yo everyone,

Woot for compromise.....I guess.... I dunno.... I love you Amber....but it kinda feels like you went behind all of our backs to do this compromise....something that we never really discussed after a 4 hour meeting... and I mean, I'm glad we have 'peace'. But since we backed down somewhat this year...can you imagine what she will do next year to us?
I'm seriously considering leaving the club after this year cause I just don't like where it's heading....

*blah and cheers*

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[16 Apr 2005|07:37pm]
Okies...um... meeting at Jackie's tomorrow everybody. Be there around 2... um...if you don't know how to get to her house...um...call me, and I'll see what we can do. Be prepared to stay till probably 5 or 6.
By the by...I got my prom dress ^^() Woot? Craziness, Andy, going to Prom!? WTF?
And we didn't get prices from Kinko's... Stuff came up and we didn't make it there....*sigh* I'll try calling them tomorrow, unless someone else can make it up there before te meeting?
I dunno, anyways, we have a lot to discuss tomorrow, so maybe try writing down what you want to say tonight so we can have as organized a meeting as possible.

*hugs and kisses*
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Hellfire! [13 Apr 2005|05:44pm]
I don't know what more can be said about the Lit Club that hasn't been said already. Jen has a plan to bring her mom there to bust Mrs. Jacobsen being a nazi. So, no meeting tomorrow, prepare for a re-do of today on Monday?
I'm sorry things are turning out like this guys...
I'm going to have be all president like and say this now. There will be a magazine that we can be proud of....even if we have to go to private publication and fund it from our own pockets...
This isn't just about a magazine anymore. This is about just not eltting people walk all over us and tell us what to do. I mean, she's being totally irrational and dictator-like. I think anybody who would have none nothing about the issue would have listened to us today they would say the same thing.
Just....there's going to be something soon guys. There will be a decision made soon...we just have to hold on untill then....if it comes down to it.... well, I think we know what to do.

*hugs and hellfire*
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Je suis desolée [12 Apr 2005|08:08pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Hey guys,
Thanks for caring ^_^ I feel better now.
Well... Mrs. Jacobsen called me and pretty much killed me....I tried to bargain, I really did guys...but it just didn't happen. I told her everything we had talked about, how we were worried about the money ('Only Mrs Jacobsen and Ms Barbour are aware of our finaces'), that it would lower the quality, ('We want a new magazine for everyone'), that it would be too much work (she didn't have a comeback for that)
She called and asked for my mother's work number? What the fuck is she planning? I mean...I don't even have her as a teacher this is bordering on harrassment.
She said that she 'heard a rumor' that if we didn't 'get our way' that we would leave Lit Club and I told her that I didn't think so because we've worked too hard to just abandon the magazine....and she said that she was glad that I wasn't being so immature and selfish... WTF?
She said that the adults were in charge and knew better what to do then we did. She said that we were a team and that she and Ms Barbour were the coaches and we had to listen to them. That she wanted us to be a well-oiled machine not a rebelling group. She wants us to listen to what she says and just along with everything mindlessly.
....And here's what I'm so sorry about.... There's going to be MORE then 30 new poems added... MORE. I'm so sorry guys...I tried I really did....but...it's just not working... I think all we can do is suck it up and take it for this year then quietly kill the lit club....for it's own sake...
Oh and for anyone who didn't hear, I talked to ms Barbour about complaints earlier (which is probably where Mrs Jacobsen got her 'rumor' and my number) and she called us little brats, and that we graded too harshly on the freshmen and sophomores.
Also, Mrs. Jacobsen said that if she hears one more word about how the poems we got are crap then she's going to re-assemble everything...

I'm so sorry guys...I feel completly powerless and like a total failure...

I'm sorry.

*hugs and sniffles*

P.S. Thank you for calling Keri, that made me feel much better.

P.P.S. and on a more humourous note, Brianna just showed up at my house at like 6:30 O_o

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[12 Apr 2005|05:17pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

It's over guys.... Mrs. Jacobsen called me....it's over... just forget about the big debates tomorrow...we lost.... once I stop crying I'll put what happened....

Gods....how lame am I? Crying over a lit magazine?

*sniffles and tears*


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God damn bitch [11 Apr 2005|01:37pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

I don't think I've ever been so pissed over something so minute before as a fucking magazine. The damn literary magazine was going good, we had our top 30 poems picked, our top artwork was being picked out, and we need more pictures, and then Mrs. Jacobsen demands that we put in another THIRTY submissions. Now...we grade poems on a 1-3 scale, with 3 being best and 1 being worst. We got to the point where 1.4 grades are going in the magazine.
In all terms, I have been working on this magazine for two years and for someone with NO experience to just come and hijack the magazine like that, without even listening to what we had to say just pisses me off, and if Mrs. Jacobsen and Ms Barbour are in charge of it again, I am NOT being on Lit club....but still, I don't want to just leave and leave the rest of the club to deal with them either....but I still am pissed and am really tempted to have my ad I bought say:
'There's talent in this magazine, the question is can you find it?
-The Lit Club'

Because that's what it feels like, as I said at the meeting the people who choose the poems are the ones who come everyday after school, the ones who really care, those are the ones whose opinions we want, but does that matter to Mrs. Hitler Jacobsen? Not one damn bit, she was completely destroying everything we had worked so hard for and then had a the nerve to talk about how she was so sorry that she hadn't come to 'help' us before. Well you helped plenty when you dropped that crap load of assignment poetry portfolios on us!!! Bitch! Oh, I am so mad.... I can't stand that, people who just don't care what others think or have done. They want to appeal to the masses to make a profit. we want to make a magazine we're proud of. As it stands right now, I don't want my name on this magazine. I don't want my name on a bunch of crap thrown together by teachers...in fact I'm checking it tomorrow to make sure they didn't switch out the next highest (the 1.8-1.4s) with some shitty freshmen work since their 'the ones most likely to submit next year' I don't give a damn, the people who love to write and who care about it are the ones we want to submit not some slutty freshmen sobbing about how her boyfriend of 2 weeks left her, or how the wealthy sophomore’s life sucks so much because she doesn't have the best prom dress ever. You people make me sick, go and see what people really deal with go to Africa and watch little kids starve and then come crying to me. Those countries are in shitty condition because of shitty rulers, like Mrs. Jacobsen, huh maybe she should go to Africa and lead some country to it's doom, I'm sure that'd be right up her street.
Sorry....not really.... if you like Mrs. Jacobsen, I liked her too until today when she turned into an uber bitch, but she can kiss my ass and claim that magazine as her own. I'm withdrawing my poem.

*hugs and kisses*

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^_^ [28 Mar 2005|10:22am]
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^___^ woot?
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bwahaha? [16 Mar 2005|09:27pm]
Whoo, look at this mad updating ness.... << >> I think I'm going to start doing one fact a week....cause one every day...I'm going to run out of facts soon! *gasp* Anyways, today was alright, same old, same old. I think I've decided to maybe major in psychology in college....hm...I have no idea still really ^^() sugestions anyone?

And my last random fact of the day... cause it will now be the random fact of the week.

I can't stand gore in real life. It bothers me and makes me physically ill. (I shiver remembering those dissections in biology... *shivers*)

*hugs and kisses*
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oops ^^() [15 Mar 2005|07:42pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Geez, I'm TEN days behind on this thing X_x Let's see if I can think up 10 random facts about me...

10. I'm a soccer referee.

9. I'm a registered babysitter with the First Aid people.

8. 96% of the time my room is a total disaster zone.

7. I've had my ears pierced twice and let them grow shut both times.

6. I rarely wear bright colors.

5. I have fake fish by my computer. O.o

4. I adore David Bowie. (Labyrinth was awesome)

3. I really don't like animes/mangas/games/etc. without a good plot and characters.

2. I hate heights, they scare me.

1. My toenails are painted silver right now <.< >.>

W00t! I did it! *dances* Ten whole facts about me... maybe I'll keep up with it better now. ^^()

*hugs and kissses*


P.S. and for those of you that read my xanga too << >> of course I put the same thing on both! You think I can just pull 20 random facts out of a hat? Sheesh!

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[05 Mar 2005|08:01am]
[ mood | blank ]

I forgot to update yesterday with another fact so I guess I owe you 2 today.... hm... not much has really happened this week some people were mean to me on Thursday and almost made me cry but whatever that was really about it... I haven't been feeling very well lately I might be getting kinda sick... *gasp* Um...hm.. Oh, I thought this french test had killed me so bad but I got a 92 on it! A 92!! that's crazy~
And the french sub is finally gone!! *dances*

Hm...facts for today...

2/4/05- I have gotten stitches twice but never broken a bone.

2/5/05- I can sew, just not that super yet.

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[05 Mar 2005|08:00am]
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That's kinda scary accurate almost O_O
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